Gerco van Heerdt

I am a Research Fellow at the Programming Principles, Logic, and Verification group at University College London, where I also completed my PhD under supervision of Alexandra Silva. Before that I did an MSc specialising in Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science at Radboud University, where I obtained my BSc as well.

My current academic focus is on generalising model learning with techniques from (co)algebra and category theory, a project we named CALF. I am interested in formal languages, semantics, and verification in general.

Before moving to London I lived in the Dutch country surrounded by meadows, sheep, and churches. I did some recreational programming and watched too many films. Nowadays you can usually find me exploring the city or its surroundings. Covid update: not anymore...

The rest of this website is structured as follows. Below is my contact information followed by a picture of myself in front of some paintings in order to show off both my cultural side and my figure at the same time. In Publications one finds a list of my publications, and Talks has details of past talks. There is the option to download my CV, and finally Ducks concludes with a glorious selection of duck pictures.


Email (private): gercovanheerdt (at) gmail (dot) com
Email (work): gerco (dot) heerdt (at) ucl (dot) ac (dot) uk


UCL Department of Computer Science
66-72 Gower Street
Room 3.06
London WC1E 6BT
United Kingdom